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why buy a filtra trap from us
You came to the right place because we design, manufacture & sell  our products direct (no middle men) and this is not the only range of diverse products we deal in, we specialize in waste water management, it is all we do and experts are always at hand. 

We sell only Environmentally Friendly Grease Management Solutions
grease traps Good product range - a wide choice of quality products
grease traps Product performance - efficient, effective and built to last
grease traps Build quality - carefully selected materials built by skilled craftsmen
grease traps Customer service - prompt and friendly service
grease traps Design service - combining experience and flair
grease traps Innovation - creative solutions
grease traps Price - keep to your budgets without compromising quality
grease traps Value - affordable products that really work

Our pricing is not only competitive but value for money too, our products are design & specified with commercial performance in mind, not price points. A quality product will last you longer spreading the cost over many years of service.

Service Standards
Best quality products. Best quality service.

We are here to help. Contact us to discuss any aspect of our products, before or after you buy. Every customer matters to us. Our products are in service throughout the UK & Europe, with customers ranging from domestic kitchens to food processing factories. Every customer gets the same high standard of attention. Filtra-Traps are built to the highest specifications, designed to deliver years of trouble free service. If there is a problem or you have a suggestion, let us know - your opinion is important to us.

Our customers deserve the very best and we manage every contract with an eye on excellence for all.

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